Chip Leader Coaching is the premier training program for mid-stakes MTT players who want to take their poker career to the next level.

We feature 1 on 1 access to the biggest winners in today’s poker tournaments and are committed to providing our students with a blueprint for making the correct decision in every hand.

Our instructors are more than just coaches who can tell you when to bet, check or fold.. They’re mentors who are personally vested in your progression as a player and willing to connect you with the resources and guidance that drives consistent, long-lasting success in tournament poker.

Group Coaching

Interactive coaching that provides a structured learning path focused on plugging the major leaks preventing mid-stakes players from moving up to high-stakes.

  • 60-90 min Group Sessions 1x/week with any CLC Pro Coaches
  • Targeted Topics (i.e. ICM, Building Stacks, OOP Play)
  • Access to private Discord channel to talk strategy 24/7

Personal Attention

Receive 1 on 1 mentoring from our CLC Pros, so you can develop bulletproof confidence and feel like you know the correct answer in every hand, in every tournament you play.

  • 60-90 min 1 on 1 sessions 2x/month with your CLC Pro Coach
  • Learn the blueprint for thinking through a hand correctly
  • Identify & plug your biggest leaks

Piece Buying

CLC doesn’t just TALK about increasing player ROI. We put our own money on it. Consistent with our “We Only Get Paid If You Win” philosophy, CLC buys percentages of students.

  • Quickly sell MTT packages with one text message
  • Predetermined and fair markup prices
  • Live Final Table support for Deep MTT Runs

Video Library

All of our coaching sessions are uploaded to a members area in the cloud so current and future students can learn from previous successes and avoid their failures.

  • Conveniently watch lessons during or in between grind sessions
  • Search by specific topic or instructor
  • 100% Mobile friendly

What makes Chip Leader Coaching
different than other training sites?

Top level pros charge $500-$1,000 per hour for 1 on 1 coaching. Many players pay these prices. Why? Because it’s not an expense but an investment, which over your career will yield you millions of dollars. Most people, however, can’t afford to pay these prices up-front. The beauty of our program is that you don’t pay us up-front.

We Only Get Paid If You Win

Our philosophy is simple. We’re held accountable for the quality of our coaching because instead of asking for an hourly payment up-front, we take a small percentage of winnings. We only collect payment with money you’ve actually earned from cashing in tournaments. In other words, if the knowledge gained from our world-class coaches does not translate directly into better results at the tables, then you owe us nothing.


Unlike other sites who hire low-tier coaches with mediocre results to put out dull content to the general public each week, our top level coaches are highly incentivized to share their battle-tested tactics, strategies, and closely held secrets for crushing MTT’s you won’t find anywhere else.

Think about it.. Why would an Elite Player broadcast their most coveted strategies to players who are only willing to pay $30/month for it? Similarly, does a coach who’s being paid hourly care as deeply about doubling your ROI as someone whose earnings are directly tied to your profit?

Of Course Not.

As a #CLCsquad member, you’ll be matched with winning players who share similar poker goals and gain 1 on 1 access to Elite Top Level instructors who are directly involved in your growth, such as #1 GPI Ranked Nick Petrangelo, WSOP Champion Chance Kornuth or WSOP Main Event Champion Joe McKeehen.


We currently offer 3 program options depending on qualification based on your skill level, volume, and average buy-in.

  1. 500K Program – CLC receives 5% of gross tournament cashes up to $500,000 ($25,000) – Elite Level
  2. 250K Program – CLC receives 6.5% of gross tournament cashes up to $250,000 ($16,250) – Advanced Level
  3. 100K Program – CLC receives 8% of gross tournament cashes up to $100,000 ($8,000) – Intermediate Level
  4. Online Program – (Coming Summer of 2018) – Entry Level

Only No-Limit Hold’em tournaments which are listed on qualify towards your contract (satellites excluded).

Our contract length is not time-limited. We stick with you until you have achieved your total gross winnings (500K, 250K or 100K), whether that takes 2 years or 1 month. Our contract states that even if you reach your total gross winnings in a very short time, we will still provide you with the guaranteed 20 hours of private coaching at a minimum and you’ll have access to the website and all other member benefits for at least 6 months. This is to protect the player who signs the contract, binks a big score shortly thereafter and technically completes their contract.

  1. Access to weekly Group Lessons via AnyMeeting, which is led by one of our Pro Coaches. These lessons are typically 60-90 minutes and focus on a student’s hand history analysis or a specific topic in a lecture style format (ICM, defending from the blinds, three-bet pots etc.).
  2. You will receive 1 separate 60-90min 1 on 1 lesson with your designated Pro Coach for every 10 tournament buy-ins or 10K in buy-ins.
  3. Full access to our video archive of Group and Personal 1 on 1 lessons. Every lesson is uploaded directly to our member area, where you can access our growing library of videos at your convenience. We currently have over 350 hours of video training content available.
  4. Access to our members-only website, where you can browse the CLC Forums and share hand histories, strategies, players tells and other important concepts with our Pro Coaches and other CLC Members.
  5. Access to private Discord channel where you can directly chat with our Pros, and build camaraderie with other CLC members who share similar poker goals and interest.

There are no volume requirements to be accepted or remain in the program, but of course, preference will be given to players who consistently put in more volume. Our program is designed to give the most value to dedicated players, and we believe the most educational activity a player can do is to ACTUALLY play poker! Since there are limited seats available in our programs, the situation we want to avoid the most is a player joining the program, and then not putting in any volume and occupying a spot that could otherwise be filled by a more serious player.

There are volume requirements for receiving personal lessons with our coaches. It’s not fair or respectful to the coaches to provide 1 on 1 time to players who aren’t putting in the work on the tables, therefore we have a “10/10 Rule” in place, which means that for every 10 tournaments or $10K worth of buy-ins you play (satellites excluded), you will receive 1 individual 1 on 1 lesson with your coach. This helps keep players accountable for putting in volume, and also ensures the coach doesn’t waste time with players who aren’t committed to improving.

In our contract, we have a right of first refusal clause which states that if our player sells action in a tourney (they are not required to do so), we have the first right to take it. The logic is simple; we believe in our ability to train players and want to have first dibs on a +EV action! Additionally, it benefits the player because it gives further incentive to the instructor to go the extra mile to improve their game.

We lock in mark-ups (WSOP Main Event excluded) when you first sign your contract. Simply shoot us a text message and within 24 hours your tournament action will be purchased by us. We don’t guarantee we’ll buy your action but we buy most available action that come our way from students.

Absolutely! Many players in our program are backed. We love working with staked players because they typically grind hard and are hungry to put in the work off the tables. Additionally, your backer should be happy with you joining CLC because your ROI should significantly increase once you start training with our Elite Pro Coaches.

We usually don’t back players but aren’t opposed to it under the right circumstances. If you have good references and are looking to log some serious hours both on and off the felt, perhaps there is a great fit. Shoot us a message on the “Contact Us” tab and we will reach out to you.



Chance Kornuth

500K Team Coach

Chance Kornuth is the lead instructor for the Elite and Pro CLC Teams. He has 1 WSOP Bracelet, Bellagio Cup Victory, Aussie Millions $25K High Roller Championship, and over $5 Million in career winnings. He is legendary for his aggressive style of play and ability to decode players physical tells.
Winnings: $6,000,000+
Titles: 13
WSOP Bracelets: 2
25K Aussie Millions Champion

Joe McKeehen

500K Team Coach

Joe McKeehen is the 2015 WSOP Main Event Champion. With an impressive résumé of 19 titles and close to $16 Million in career winnings, he is considered one of the best in the game. He definitely knows how to close out a tournament. His Twitter game is not so bad either.
Winnings: $15,000,000+
Titles: 19
WSOP Bracelets: 2
WSOP Main Event Champion

Alex Foxen

Guest Coach

Alex Foxen is one of the first Chip Leader Coaching students. He joined the squad 2 years ago with little over $2Million in winnings. Since then, through sheer work and dedication he has managed to win more than $8Million and become the #1 GPI Ranked player in the world.
Winnings: $10,000,000+
Titles: 8
WPT 5 Diamond Winner
Current Global Poker Index Rank #1

Daniel Strelitz

250K Team Coach

Daniel Strelitz got his start as an online tournament player in 2008. Since then he has transitioned well to live winning 2 major titles in LA, including the WPT LAPC for $1 Million and making 3 WSOP FTs. His aggressive style has earned him over $4.5 million in online and live winnings.
Winnings: $4,500,000+
Titles: 4
WSOP Final Tables: 3
WPT LA Poker Classic Champion

Simon Deadman

250K Team Coach

Simon Deadman has been a professional poker player for over 10 years. He is originally from England but now calls Las Vegas his home. He has amassed over $3 million in tournament cashes including a WPT Dublin Win and a 2nd place at the 2015 WSOP $5,000 Event.
Winnings: $3,000,000+
Titles: 10
WPT Titles: 1
Hollywood Poker Open Champ

Ryan Leng

100K Team Coach

Ryan Leng has played over 9 million hands of online poker. Since transitioning to live poker, this former student turned coach has amassed over $1.1M in earnings in just the last 3 years. He has WSOP Circuit Ring wins both live and online and he won his first WSOP Gold Bracelet this past summer.
Winnings: $1,250,000+
Titles: 7
WSOP Bracelets: 1
3 Time PokerStars SuperNovaElite Player

Ryan Jones

100K Team Coach

Ryan Jones is a WSOP Circuit regular and a total crusher. He has 2 WSOP Circuit Main Event wins and knows how to navigate a big field tournament. He has almost $1 Million in career winnings and has a very unique out of the box approach to the game.
Winnings: $1,000,000
Titles: 5
WSOP Rings: 2
2 Time WSOP-C Main Event Champion


Two-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner

“Chance is the one guy who thinks of more creative spots than I do, and one of the few guys I try to consistently talk strategy with. To my students, I always recommend they hire Chance for his expertise in live NL MTT’s.”

Shaun Deeb

WSOP Bracelet Winner and Three-Time WPT Champion

“I’ve played 100’s of hours in high-stakes tourneys with Chance. His ability to see subtle details in a hand is what separates him from other players. Each time we discuss hands together I’m able to come away with a new breakthrough for approaching tough spots.”

Anthony Zinno

WSOP Main Event Runner-Up, WPT Borgata Champion

“I have been lucky enough to have had many poker conversations with Chance, and I am continuously impressed by the fact that I never leave one without learning something. It is a testament to his insane work ethic: Chance is constantly thinking about spots, analyzing them, coming up with unique lines, and, most importantly by far, trying them in real settings at the highest stakes. He pushes the envelope constantly, unafraid of coming out the other side occasionally looking foolish, knowing that the benefits far outweigh the costs. In my life I’ve met two people in poker who relentlessly push the line in this way: Chance and Vanessa Selbst, and I doubt it is coincidence that both have been disgustingly successful at the highest stakes of the live tournament world.”

Jesse Sylvia

EPT $25k Champion, Aria $25K Champion

“Chance is one of the toughest opponents I come across on a regular basis. He is a smart, creative player who applies constant pressure. I think basically anyone who’s looking to improve at MTTs could learn a lot from his unique approach to the game.”

Pratyush Buddiga


WSOP Bracelet Winner and #CLCsquad Member

“When I decided to join CLC, I felt that my game had hit a plateau. You can only advance so far watching videos. I needed to personally work with an elite player, but gaining access to such a player is almost impossible. At CLC, I get personal coaching from the best players in the world. I am learning to think on a whole different level and gaining knowledge and confidence I never experienced before.I feel this is the best career decision I have ever made and I am confident my future results will validate this.”

Nick Jivkov

2x WSOP-C Main Event Winner and #CLCsquad Member

“I’ve always had success in MTT’s, but I joined CLC because I felt like I had a bunch of leaks that were holding me back from reaching the next level, but I didn’t know how to plug them. Specifically, my comfort and ability to play more hands profitably and develop a gameplan out of the big blind against a variety of opponent types has gone up drastically since before I joined. I’ve even gotten better at picking up physical tells in just the few months I’ve been in the program. ”

Ryan Jones

High Stakes Cash Game Pro and #CLCsquad Member

“Other sites release very generalized content that’s tailored to the masses, and it’s an open secret that they’re never going to share their best strategies because the instructor has no incentive to do so. I’ve enjoyed working with Chance because he doesn’t get paid unless I win, so I know in our personal sessions he never holds anything back.”

Christian Soto