Why Hiring A Poker Coach Is A No Brainer

Why Hiring a Poker Coach is a No Brainer

Poker is a challenging game that requires luck, strategy, skill, and patience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, having a poker coach can be a game changer. A good coach will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, give you tips and advice on how to improve, and offer guidance as you develop your own playing style. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring a poker coach, the qualities to look for, and the best ways to find one that fits your needs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Coaching gives you the ability to practice unfamiliar spots so that you’re prepared for them in game. Imagine if an NFL team showed up for the game without practicing certain plays and situations…yet that is what many poker players do.

Confidence is Key

Knowing that you are working on your game and are familiar with more spots/situations than your opponents leads to more confidence. Confidence is essential to making the correct decisions in big spots.

The Power of Preparation

Properly preparing for all kinds of situations will eliminate uncertainty and reduce mistakes. You are way more likely to make the correct decision in game if you’ve seen a similar situation in a course or with your coach.

Overcoming Weakness

Do you have trouble knowing how to maximize the approaching bubble depending on your stack size? How about playing from the blinds late in a tournament? Getting coaching will help you become aware of your weaknesses and eliminate leaks in your game.

Post-Game Review

Getting coaching gives you the ability to play your best. Instead of dwelling on mistakes, you know that you can review spots later or ask your coach

Maximizing your ROI

A lot of amateur golfers get lessons or hire a swing coach. In this case, they get better at the game, and maybe play better against their friends. With poker coaching, you not only get better at the game, but your improvement saves/makes you a ton of money!

The Advantages of Virtual Poker Training

With CLAI from Chip Leader Coaching at $590/year, If you play 10K in buy-ins/year, you only have to improve your ROI by 6% to break even. That’s only the first year ROI – You have the skills for life and ROI compounds.

For all of the above reasons, if you play even as a hobby a few times per year,  getting poker coaching is very +EV – a true no brainer.