4 Poker Tournament Tips For New Players

There are several issues that players new to online or in-person live poker tournaments often struggle with during the first few competitions. Unfortunately, new players often simply do not realize the pressure and intensity of tournament play, and that can be the single biggest struggle.

To help you prepare for the first few live or online poker tournaments, here are four poker tournament tips that anyone can use.

  • Practice, practice, practice – our AI poker tournament play is number one on the list of poker tournament tips. Through our poker courses and AI play experience, you build the confidence in moving into real play after experiencing pressure and deep runs in a controlled AI environment.
  • Have a preflop strategy – knowing what cards offer the best chances of winning is essential. Using a strategy and not simply gambling that the right cards will appear is critical for all players. The strategy works for professional poker players as well as those just getting started.
  • Avoid overplaying – it is important to keep in mind that every player has a strategy, and overplaying your hand to try to win big is not likely to happen with experienced players early in the game. Choose to fold or call strategically.
  • Have a strategy for betting size – it is essential to understand the size when you choose to bet a hand. This should be done strategically and by considering other possibilities at the table.

To learn more poker tournament tips that will positively impact your game, enroll in a poker course at Chip Leaders.

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