A Beginners Guide To Poker Preflop Strategy

Many of the poker players that take courses or work with poker coaches at Chip Leader Coaching are beginning players. Our courses and coaching offer a great, personalized, and supportive way to learn the basics and move to advanced poker strategies.

One of the most important strategies for any player in a Hold ‘Em tournament is to understand the poker preflop strategy. To get started, there are some basic and foundational issues to understand.

The Preflop Strategy

The flop in any type of community card poker game is the second betting round. This is the point where three cards are dealt face up and can be used with the player’s hole cards to create the best possible hand.

The poker preflop strategy is a critical point in the game. It is the point where each player makes a decision before the flop, and that decision will either carry you through the game or create a problem.

The first step is to consider the cards you hold. Combinations that include pairs of aces through tens or combinations of Aces, Kings, Jacks, and Queens are also the matches that offer the best winning chances. As players gain experience, other combinations of lower cards can also be desirable, but they require more poker tournaments strategy to play for the win.

Watch out if you are playing in the blinds, and be aware of your position in a hand. It can be a very effective poker preflop strategy to not enter into pots if you are in the blinds, particularly if you are in the early positions in the hand.

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