How Chance Kornuth Prepares to Crush at the WSOP

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the most prestigious poker tournament and draws the top players from all over the world. In order to compete with the very best and survive the 6 week grind, you have to meticulously prepare. In this blog, I’ll share my personal strategies and routines that will help you dominate the felt and conquer the WSOP.

Fueling Your Success: The Power of a Winning Diet

To prepare for the demanding World Series of Poker (WSOP), I know that maintaining an optimal diet is crucial. The WSOP can be incredibly taxing, both physically and mentally. That’s why I make regular trips to the gym to stay in top shape. Throughout the day, I perform multiple sets of pull-ups and push-ups, even when I’m at home or at my hotel. 

Additionally, I place a constant focus on mindfulness to ensure I can sustain my focus for days on end. Even if I’m not playing a full schedule, going deep in a 3-5 day tournament can be exhausting. That’s why I prioritize my physical and mental preparation to optimize my success.

Strategize, Sell, Succeed: Creating Your WSOP Schedule

When it comes to preparing for the WSOP, one of the crucial steps I take is creating a well-thought-out schedule. Since the WSOP schedule changes each year, I assess my risk tolerance based on the size of my liquid poker bankroll. This helps me determine how much action I want to sell for the events I plan to participate in. By organizing the events I want to sell action for, I can align my personal risk preferences with the potential rewards. 

Once I’ve made these decisions, I proceed to sell the action, ensuring that I don’t have to worry about it in the days leading up to playing. My goal is to utilize all my focus and mental energy on playing poker rather than being preoccupied with selling action or deciding what events to play. As an example, here is the portion of the schedule for which I am selling action, and you can use it as a guideline to create your own personalized schedule.

Study Smart, Play Sharp: Prepping Your Skills

When the WSOP kicks off, it’s time for me to bring my A-game and immerse myself completely in the tournament. There is little to no time for studying once the action begins. As a professional poker player, a significant percentage of my yearly income comes from the WSOP, so my focus needs to be solely on playing. 

To prepare effectively, I devote time to studying the spots where I feel I may be deficient before the tournament starts. If I come across situations where I’m unsure about the optimal play, I engage in light study to reinforce my knowledge. Studying with a focused mindset, free from distractions, is crucial for me. This approach helps me strengthen my ability to concentrate even before I sit at the poker table. By studying like I want to play, I enhance my focus and decision-making skills, setting the stage for success at the WSOP.

Unleashing Your Routine: Setting the Stage for Victory

To ensure I’m fully prepared for the WSOP, I prioritize establishing a well-defined daily routine. I invest time in planning my schedule around the desired start times of the events I’ll be participating in. While I strive to incorporate gym sessions into my routine, I understand that time constraints may arise. In such cases, I make it a point to at least take a brisk 20-minute walk to keep my body active and energized. 

Additionally, I recognize the importance of adjusting my sleep schedule to align with the demands of the tournament. Rather than waking up early with my family, I transition my sleep routine to allow for ample rest by sleeping in until 9-11am, depending on the WSOP event start time. By establishing a consistent routine, I can optimize my physical well-being and ensure I’m mentally sharp when I step onto the WSOP battlefield.

Recharge and Reignite: The Art of Rest and Recovery

As I gear up for the upcoming WSOP, I recognize the significance of resting and recharging to maintain peak performance. For me, quality sleep and regular exercise serve as invaluable mental resets. However, I also acknowledge that relying solely on these factors won’t sustain me throughout the entire 6-week summer series. To ensure optimal performance, I strategically plan for sporadic days off during the WSOP, particularly aligning them with the events I consider “must play.” This allows me to rejuvenate both physically and mentally, ensuring I bring my A-game when I return to the felt. 

Additionally, I am well aware that alcohol can be one of the most detrimental substances when it comes to recharging one’s batteries. Fortunately, I have chosen to stop drinking, which contributes to my ability to stay focused and maintain peak energy levels throughout the entire WSOP duration. By prioritizing rest, taking strategic breaks, and avoiding substances that hinder my performance, I position myself for success in the world’s most prestigious poker tournament.

Mastering the Venue: Navigating Breaks Like a Pro

With limited time available during crowded breaks, I make it a priority to learn the location of essential amenities such as bathrooms, coffee stands, and food options. To save time, money, and have control over my nutrition, I personally pack a well-stocked snack bag. This allows me to choose exactly what fuels my body, ensuring I have the right sustenance to perform at my best. 

By eliminating the need to wait in line, I can spend more valuable time on breaks, unwinding and recharging for the next intense session. I firmly believe that what we put into our bodies directly impacts our ability to focus for extended periods. I’ve learned through my experiences, such as the Galfond Challenge, that eating heavy, unhealthy meals can drain my personal RAM as my body works hard to digest them. 

To better understand what keeps my body fueled and focused, I’ve even utilized a Blood Glucose Monitor. By being mindful of my dietary choices and selecting nourishing options, I optimize my ability to maintain focus and perform at my peak during the WSOP.


Preparation is the key to triumph at the WSOP. By fueling your body and mind, creating a well-structured schedule, studying diligently, implementing a winning routine, prioritizing rest and recovery, and mastering the venue, you’ll be equipped to dominate the WSOP felt. 

Get ready to embrace the challenge, play your A-game, and make your mark in poker history – I’ll see you at the tables!