Why Do You Need a Mindset Coach?

Overcoming Tilt and Anxiety

The game itself is stressful enough, and even more so when you’re battling tilt and anxiety, which every pro deals with. Our programs are designed to uncover the root cause of your tilt or anxiety, and then overcome them. Transforming these negatives states into positive ones will take your mental game to the next level and lead you to greater success in all areas of life.

Conquer Self-Sabotage

You know the right play, but why do you continue to make the same mistake? Self-Sabotage! Together we will uncover the underlying motivation for negative habits like dwelling on failure, and empower you to succeed both on and off the felt.

Peak Performance

Being a professional poker player is not for the faint of heart. There are tons of ups and downs along the way, but you’ve made it this far. It’s time to take your game to the next level by optimizing your mind for peak performance. Our mindset coaching sessions will provide you with eliminating your roadblocks and creating breakthroughs you need to consistently be at your best and maximize your success.

Take The Awareness Test

Our mind is a tool that filters how we see the world and interpret our experiences. The issue is that it operates based on what we say is important to us. Which means that everything else, even the moonwalking bears in our life, is dismissed as unimportant.

This is what we call a BLIND SPOT. It is the most common limiting factor to consistent high level performance.

Our coaching is designed to uncover blind spots, transform them and leave you empowered to bring new potential into every area of your life.

Our Mindset Coaches

Matthew Ewing
Matthew Ewing

Matthew Ewing is a Mindset Mastery, Self Love, and Performance coach, with many years of experience assisting others. He has drawn from many different schools of thought to construct a one of a kind experience of reclaiming complete Authority of the Mind, and all aspects of life. His work has provided his clients with a new perspective on life, as well as practical effective tools for elevating their lives even after the program is complete. His vision is to see the Human Species realize it vast potential, and utilize it in a way that uplifts all life.

Dion Jagroo
Dion Jagroo

Dion Jagroo demonstrates what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles through self realization and inspired action. After his first career as a professional soccer player, his competitive edge lead him to a career as a professional poker player. He started a meditation practice with the intention on elevating his poker performance. That practice lead to a breakthrough to inner peace, fulfillment and a passion to uplift others. Fast forward to present day, with his training in meditation, hypnosis, NLP and emotional intelligence, Dion facilitates personal and group transformation where clients experience breakthroughs in all areas of life.

How Our Program Works

Sessions are held either via video call or over the phone. You will have a short questionnaire to fill out prior to our first call. Then on our first call we will create your vision, and discuss any personal challenges or pressures you are dealing with. Then we will lay-out a game plan of how to optimize your mind, and prevent any self-sabotaging behavior.

Each session after that will be about cementing your vision into the subconscious to take your game to the next level.  The program will be customized to the personal challenges that you are facing, and equip you with the best tools to keep you on track for success in your career and life!

Are you committed to your success both on and off the felt?

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